Friday, February 26, 2010

It's all about Life

 Life is simple but often times we are the one who make it complicated and live life with complexity that means engaging with various problems and troubles that seems beyond our capacity and ability to solve. There are only two things we want in this life. We need and want happiness and love. The only way to received love and experience happiness is to give love and make others happy.

So here are some simple thoughts that will remind you about Life.

The best way to introduced yourself to God is to pray, the right way to know Him is to read His words, the better way to love him is to love others and only way to follow Him is to carry your cross.

In life there’s only two choices you can choose from, either to believe in God or not, to do good or bad, to tell the truth or lie and to live or to die.

There are three goods reasons why people leave you, it’s either you leave them, you hate them or they love you.

Don’t blame God when things went wrong, because He knows what’s best for you. Neither blames your self because you ought to make mistakes, nor blame others because they’re not perfect.

If you can’t forgive your parents, time will come where you can’t forgive your self forever.

If you used to live life with easy, soon you will forget what is right.

Every time you celebrate your birthday think about this, would you like to be happy because you’re born into this world, or would you like others to be happy that you’re born?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Enjoy life, begins with prayer

I’m wondering, if you don’t believe in the theory of Charles Darwin that man comes from ape, then you must believe that human were created in the image of God. And we owe our life from Him. It also means that we need to pay homage and worship to God it’s our obligation as a believer. Just like when you respect and follow your parents order because it’s your responsibility. Or at work you need to follow certain rules and regulations implemented by company because you’re an employee. But why when it comes to God’s law we can easily break, ignore and take it for granted. Why? Simply because we don't care, isn’t it unfair to Him? How many people who begin and end each day with prayer? How many people who has a habit of praying before and after meals? Does it take hours to pray? No, it takes seconds and minutes, 2-5 minutes will do. Why it’s hard to spare time for God when in fact He’s the one who give us everything? Prayer is just a simple act to show that we honor and give thanks for the gift of life.
We complain so much about our life, we blame our self, others and worst even God. What do we get if we often disobey our parents, is it troubles, failures and regret? Yes, we want freedom, but freedom is not our license to do whatever we want, especially hurting our self and others.
Every time we travel to unknown place we always have a map for us or else we get lost. It’s the same thing apply in our life. We need something to guide us, we need God who knows everything.  If we can’t accept this fact our life will end up with chaos and confusions. We need to constantly communicate with God through simply act of prayer
Here’s a simple thoughts on the importance of prayer in our life.
Pray, you need to start your day with prayer as this is the only personal way you can communicate with our creator. The God who give us life and provide everything we need in order to survive. You have to talk, give thanks and ask for the things that you need, for He is a loving and generous God. He will give you daily bread for you to EAT.

Eat, we need foods to eat in order for our body to able to function and make us possible to perform and do our work. Eating the right foods provide us energy and strength we need as we undertake our daily activities. Through prayer you feed your soul while through eating you feed your body. Having a balance will make you able to show and give LOVE.

Love is what we need. It is what the world is hunger of and is what you can easily give to others. A kind of love where there's no expectations, pure, selfless and forgiving, as you're created in the image of loving God and you're born to give love. If you will live a life in love, you will live a life with happiness and when there is happiness there is peace. Thus, enable you to have a sound and peaceful SLEEP.

Sleep is the time where we can rest our body. Our heart and mind needs to pause, relax and recharge, to regain its energy and power before we begin another day. A good night sleep will give us a fresh, good and positive feeling that makes us able to give thanks and PRAY to God.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where you can find peace?

It's because of our busy life we tend to lose focus to what is essential and what we truly need. We work hard to earn money but often we get lost of the things we have that money can’t buy. Like peace in our mind. So this time, let me remind you where you have left peace.

Never forget, when there is kindness there is happiness and when there is happiness there is peace. Don’t let the day pass by without sharing your beautiful smile to others. Take time to give affirmation for the good things others have and acknowledge appreciation for the simple things that others do to you. These were just simple acts of compassion that bring joy to others, as you should never take it for granted. Learn to forgive and ask forgiveness, let go of the past and set yourself free from the shadow of pain that hold on to your heart. Always remember life is short and keeping anger in your heart will only subtract your time spend being happy.

Take time to be alone and communicate your inner self, listen to your heart and you’ll see peace lying in corner waiting for you. In silence you will find peace. The more you strive and dream of accumulating wealth and possessions in this world the more you will lose sight of peace because, peace need a special place in your heart.

And finally true peace lies in believing in God, Jesus Christ. He said “Peace I will leave you and peace I give you, a kind of peace where the world can’t give.”

He needs you

He loves you so much,
but You don’t know,
if you do, still
you won’t believe,
I hear Him calling your name,
day and night He ask me
to tell you,
how much
you mean to Him,

He walks
with your troubles,
He sleeps with your worries,
In all your sorrows and pain
He comfort you,
In every triumph and victory
He rejoice with you,
Never had a seconds
He leaves you,

Please give His love,
A chance
to live
In your heart.