Friday, February 26, 2010

It's all about Life

 Life is simple but often times we are the one who make it complicated and live life with complexity that means engaging with various problems and troubles that seems beyond our capacity and ability to solve. There are only two things we want in this life. We need and want happiness and love. The only way to received love and experience happiness is to give love and make others happy.

So here are some simple thoughts that will remind you about Life.

The best way to introduced yourself to God is to pray, the right way to know Him is to read His words, the better way to love him is to love others and only way to follow Him is to carry your cross.

In life there’s only two choices you can choose from, either to believe in God or not, to do good or bad, to tell the truth or lie and to live or to die.

There are three goods reasons why people leave you, it’s either you leave them, you hate them or they love you.

Don’t blame God when things went wrong, because He knows what’s best for you. Neither blames your self because you ought to make mistakes, nor blame others because they’re not perfect.

If you can’t forgive your parents, time will come where you can’t forgive your self forever.

If you used to live life with easy, soon you will forget what is right.

Every time you celebrate your birthday think about this, would you like to be happy because you’re born into this world, or would you like others to be happy that you’re born?

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